That work can sometimes be tedious is an understatement. According to the Washington Post only 13% of people actually like going to work. This is a global tragedy. That this is even a possibility is a tragedy. How come that only so few can actually enjoy and be passionate about what they do? This means that you are going in to the office today, you will need to do some legit recon to find a select few who actually like being there.
Well, we can keep reasoning and say “we do not go to work for work itself, but for its benefits”. Even though if this was true, which it isn’t, how much money would you require if the condition was not to enjoy it? I sound like a madman, but consider for a second that according to Skift, 41% of Americans did not take a single vacation day during 2015. A single day. This means that on top of the 87% who do not like going to work, only a little more than half were able to run away to something they actually enjoyed for a couple of days throughout the year.

I'm Having The Worst Monday by VectorPlanet @ Society6

I’m Having The Worst Monday
by VectorPlanet @ Society6

According to a very simple WordPress blog that I found that has only one page, we spend 16% of our lives working, but 36% of it sleeping. This means that if you are among the 87% who do not like or say are passionate about their work, are among the 58% who took 5 days or less of vacation throughout the year, and sleep 36% of your life. When the fuck do you live life?
Do you understand that the average person lives 27,375 days? It is scary, but if you subtract work and sleep that leaves us with with 13,140 days in which we are awake and not working. Subtract your own age, say you are 25 years old, that leaves 4,015 days in which you are awake and not working. It feels like such an unbearable truth, that I just want to hide it in a titanium safe, throw away the key and submerge it in a shark infested pool. See if even legendary Pandora would dare to try to open it.  That is what I have done and regrettably what most of us do. However, we do not have the time to live cautious lives, we do not have the time not to be bold, we do not have the time not to love, we do not have the time not to travel, we do not have the time not to follow our dreams, we do not have the time not to live life. Embrace this fear, run towards it, know that death makes no discrimination. Be bold, loving, passionate, adventurous, live in such a way that the worlds needs to stop and take a look and say “Who is that sloth?”
If you have that burning fire inside and you feel, you want to do all this and more, but don’t know where to start, welcome to corporate America, where most dreams die and white flags are raised.
“So what should I do? I hide this truth in a titanium safe because it makes me uncomfortable, and there is nothing I can do about it. If I quit my job, what would happen to my family or my bills? I have responsibilities, you know how hard is to “Live Life” with no money?”
I feel you. This is going to sound contradictory, but I think that quitting your job or getting less sleep is not going to fix your problem. One of my favorite Proverbs goes as follows:
“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance while the wise man grows it underneath his feet.”
Be passionate about what you do. You have no choice, you either do that or you die before they bury you. If you love what you do, you do not work a single day in your life.
“How do I change my office? How do I become passionate about a pile of papers?”
Same way people make a difference in the worlds, touching the lives of others. If you look for ways to make yourself passionate, you might succeed, if you try to make others passionate you will change the world, as well as yours. Our lives have to transcend our selfishness, the world is in desperate need of selflessness. Once you start becoming the uncommon light in the office, instead of the common darkness, lives will change and now you are ready to find another job. 
“What? So are you saying that I should find another job or not?”
I am saying that if you carry your negative attitude with you, no job in the world will make you happy, and finding what you are looking for will be increasingly difficult. If you passion is unbreakable independently of the context (read Man’s Search For Meaning), you will enjoy what you currently do and the search for something new will become increasingly easier. Forget about the unbearable boss or the bad pay, or the inconvenient cubicle space, pay attention to your always most valuable asset: time. You might be able not to afford to quit your current job, but what you definitely cannot afford is not to enjoy it and make the absolute best out of it with fiery passion. Because you can always quit and find another job, but your time, your life would be lost forever. Be a wise man. 
Written by The Magic Sloth