Is not a secret that we are very lazy; in fact, if you keep coming back you are probably just as lazy as we are. Being a slothful person has multiple benefits, but the one that we find most interesting, of course, is our ability to achieve more by doing less. But how do we do that? Simple, we are smarter than people smarter than us. Crazy right? The perception of intelligence is just as doubted as, if you have x-ray vision, and you can see through anything, wouldn’t you see through everything and actually see nothing? There is honestly no ideal answer for both of these questions, and everyone will have a different theory and opinion. The idea of thinking that there are people smarter than you automatically makes you dumber. As cliché as it may sound, there is one thing, not matter what is it, in what you absolutely succeed at; like there is actually no one on this earth who can do that certain thing/task/ or special talent, better than you. How nice does that feel? With that said, since you are the best at it, is going to take you less time to do it, and you are clearly going to do a better job than anyone else. And never forget that our main goal in life is to make you safe as much time as you can possibly can, forever.

Buy Me by Clicking On The Image! Owl. I'm smarter than i look. by Solomnikov at Society6

Buy Me by Clicking On The Image! Owl. I’m smarter than i look. by Solomnikov at Society6

Now let’s dive into the real issue. If you are one of the lucky ones and already have a clear goal and purpose in life, we applaud you! You will be surprise of how many people live life without actually having a reason to. Going back to the really basics, think about animals as the best example (and the one we prefer the most). If you look carefully, you will observe similar characteristics of animal’s behaviors in many many people. And I am not taking about woofing, or maybe I am? What I am saying is that, just as animals, you see people living basically in order to “survive”. They work because they need money; they need money because they need food (and a cruise in some cases) in order to survive, and they step above others trying to get ahead and avoid getting eaten. The last thing we want in the whole wide world is having you walking around like a zombie, living a boring and routinely life that is not getting you anywhere. So if you just realize that you actually belong to the cast of The Walking Dead and want to do something about it, we got your back.

Buy Me by Clicking On The Image! Einstein by Tracie Andrews at Society6

Buy Me by Clicking On The Image! Einstein by Tracie Andrews at Society6

Diversity is such a beautiful thing, and there are an infinite amount of choices for you to decide what do you feel more passionate about, but to be honestly, you can’t see and consider them all until you decide what are you really looking for. On the bright side, no matter what you choose, there is no right or wrong on doing what you are passionate about (unless you are passionate about eating pickles with peanut butter, that’s just so wrong). But the true is that you need to know what’s the answer to your question, otherwise you have no purpose. Even though you really really need an answer, don’t get too focused on trying to find the perfect one; find out what you want and don’t believe is it less valuable just because is not the social trend that everyone is using. In that specific thing you choose to do and be a 100% passionate about, no one, believe me, NO ONE, will ever be smarter and have a better understanding than you have. (And with understanding comes power, believe me when I say that too).

Daily Rituals: How Artists Work

If you read our previous article, you are already familiar with the amazing concept of coding. But what we want you to do in a real life situation is find the perfect code for your life. And careful, we are not asking you to find the perfect code that will make everyone’s life’s work better, we are asking for that complex concept that no one gets but you understand better than your own writing. Just because we really like you, we are going to share an amazing, tremendous, ridiculous secret with you that may help you find the so wanted “purpose in life”. Mason Currey wrote, in my opinion, one of the best books ever written that targets the topic of efficient working routines; taking such routines from the greatest man’s in history.

These routines will open your mind in a mind-blowing level; you will see how each of these individuals had a completely different way to life live, the only aspect they had in common is that they all had a reason to do it. And you want to know the beauty of it? It just worked for them in particular, they never try to imitate anyone’s modus operandi, simply because they knew it wouldn’t have the same effect on them. Is like the universe collided and gave them the right answer to make their lives worthy. Isolation, long walks, talking to themselves, no matter the task; the final objective was to listening to their own thoughts and focus on solving their issues.

What most if of these individuals finally concluded is that, even when it will probably take you a while to find that amazing it, that you enjoy doing more than anything else in the world, the wait would be so worthy compared to the spectacular things you are about to accomplish. But be aware that is not going to come to you that easy; you have to go do things, identify what you enjoy and what you don’t, stop spending so much time in your head (unless you are thinking about understanding new knowledge or creating solutions to your problems). Thoughts have no practical use unless you put them in action; be aware of what you are thinking and direct every single cell in your body to focus on your goal (if you already found it) or to focus on finding one. We assure you that if pay attention, it would take you less than excepted to find the reason why you care so much about saving time.

Written by Adriana La Rocca