Yes, your are not superficial or banal, is entirely normal that those words raise your attention and make you want to know the secret (maybe this time someone actually came up with a final cure?). According to very smart people who dedicate their lives to this type of crazy and magnificent studies, thinking burns calories.

S A Y W H A T?

Wait… Like, for real, though?

We may be impulsive and crazy, but we do check our facts and sources before making you jump into our craziness (specially when something sounds unbelievable-to-good-to-be-true as this does). According to Scientific American, when you think and learn something unfamiliar, is necessary for your body to use extra energy to process that new information, in scientific terms, for your brain to make “new synaptic connections.” Like me, you’re probably wondering WHY no one ever figured this out before!? All these scientific’s wasting their time doing studies about calorie burning pills, energy drinks, and incredibly stupid machines when the solution was always on their head? Well, is not that easy and sweet as we would like it to be.

Let me explain it to you as easy as I can, because this is honestly rocket science. You know that feeling you get when an idea seems to hit you like an asteroid? You can almost touch this thing that is coming to you with uncontrollable desires of taking over your entire self? Cartoons describe it like a light bulb turn in on but are way much more intense and serious than that. When these magic moments happen (or moments of recognition as we like to call them) there is actually crazy stuff going on inside your brain. Unconnected neurons or sections of the brain, actually snap into connection, to create nothing but ridiculously cool stuff, and this activity burns calories since it requires extra energy. Under ANY circumstances we are telling you to don’t exercise and sit in a library all day to learn new stuff (even when it sounds tempting). BUT, if you want to lose weight while you enjoy and have fun, become the database of the topics that interest you the must; unconsciously, your brain will make connections between things that relate to each other. And Boom, Magic (literally Magic going on inside there).
Even when this post may be more appealing to women than men, we want to give you a little incentive that may help. Every time you start feeling lost in your thoughts, and you feel this crazy energy coming, imagine you’re getting skinnier and skinnier without even sweating; this may work as a trigger to keep you fully engage to be constantly learning something (and don’t you ever ever let anyone tell you that you’re too skinny, you’re simply getting smarter!)
So now, we want to encourage you (once again, and as many as necessary) to fully life live chasing those amazing moments, that are no more than a consequence of things and situations that you are passionate about (but this time consciously knowing that besides the burning calorie fact, you’re literally stimulating your brain). Because must of the time our minds and bodies and smarter than us, the only way that we can stimulate these neurotransmitters is by actually doing something that we genuinely like, enjoy, and most importantly, stimulate us to want to get better and make progress.
It gets even better my friend. Besides be living life to the fullest, you will simultaneously (and unconsciously) Save Time by just directing your attention and energy to things, activities, and experiences that stimulate your brain and therefore, your crazy burning calorie system. Once your brain identifies the exact things that evoke this connection between neurotransmitters, it won’t let you stick into something that you don’t care about or enjoy for way too long. So not only you will be Saving Time, but you will be using those savings in what fulfills you to the maximum.
This post is the exception to the rule, it falls under every possible category we can think of; you will save time, live life, look, and be smarter.. you’re welcome?

Written by Adriana La Rocca