Some days, humans experience this undescriptible sensation of wanting to be smarter, of wanting to learn it all; those days when you actually believe in the idea that your brain has not yet developed its full potential. These days often happen when you are working on something that you are passionate about, towards a particular goal that has the potential of changing your entire life. The moment you find something that makes you woke up everyday motivated and determined to conquer the world, you won’t stop until you are the best at it, just because you know you can. Not only you but that relentless inner person you have inside, feel the need to put to use that brain of yours. To be honest, maybe and just maybe, this amazing feeling that I am describing is something that you don’t really want to experience so often. Once you are aware, you are responsible, and responsibility is a very heavy weight to lift, just hold to the feeling that you will be lean af after it though.

Even when this sounds a little creepy, and may evocate suicidal thoughts on you, your brain knows you. In fact, your brain knows you so well that it works on your behalf. Your brain is designed to annihilate any idea that might change the actual stage of your reality; basically, anything that threatens the concept of taking you out of your so boring and very predictable routine. Even when your brain may seem like a very caring friend by acting this way, this behavior may jeopardize the amount of fun you have, and the million of opportunities that you will miss.But let’s not be so rude with your brain, it’s behaving this way to protect itself (and therefore you). Your usual tasks and activities give your brain a state of mental security; it basically keeps it sane. Now you’re probably wondering how to stop this asap since you are a very responsible individual who has a goal to pursue (and has understood that the most valuable thing in the whole wide world is time). Well, let me start by saying that this it won’t be a piece of cake and that you will probably want to quit before you even start, but it would be so worthy.
Since you are breaking a pattern, you have to start by substituting that pattern with something else (it would help tons if this “else” is your goal in life, your most desired thing ever, the reason why you were born, you can call it whatever you want). Even went it would be awful at first,
and it’s going to take you twice that amount of time you anticipated, don’t stop because you can’t figure out the process, you have a reason, and that’s even more important.

So let’s just focus on the fact that you actually have everything you need to make an enormous impact in the world. You don’t need money, you don’t have to be ridiculously smart and understand how women’s brains work, you don’t have to wait for the perfect moment, what do you actually need is to stop using this excuses if you’re planning to turn your life upside down for good. The next step and the ONLY real thing you need is to find something that you can profoundly connect with (and I’m not talking about romance, so focus). We are ambitious by nature, and this is too big of a problem to deal with voluntarily so we tend to procrastinate on it; now is when it gets tricky, and people start giving up. Don’t think about it too much, if you do so there is big chance that you are killing the idea before is even born. Also, don’t look at it as a life time commitment, don’t try to see where would you be in 10 years if you take this path, trust your gut and hold to mental toughness.
Daniel Coyle is a badass writer whom sums up this whole concept with one single term. “GRIT
is that mix of passion, perseverance, and self-discipline that keeps us moving forward in spite of obstacles”.
Pretty cool right? (aka the purpose of this article). Grit is all you need, is trait and skill, is the one thing that you can get better at based on your goal. Grit is related with not giving up, with being resilience, ambition, and by having a hard to contain need for achievement.
The coolest thing about Grit is that it works in your favor, since it feeds from obstacles (I know it doesn’t seem very attractive, but it would pay off, promise). You can excel your capacity for Grit based on a number of challenging situations in your life; your ability to stick to your goal over a long period of time without letting difficulties overcome you will make you invincible will give you necessary strength to motivate you and others. Lastly, I want to break your mindset by telling you that you don’t need to have a talent to be the most amazing human that have ever stand on this planet. Grit is a way much better indicator of success than talent; believe me when I tell you that even when you may think that you do have a gift, talent without action will amount to nada. So hold on to your crazy idea, to that thought that makes you jump out of bed in the morning, that one thing you know you are not willing to negotiate, that one thing you know no one will ever do better than you.

Written by Adriana La Rocca