The very last step of The Magic 3. You have the energy, you have the urgency, do you really need anything else to accomplish your goals? Most definitely, you need HOW. And this might all of a suddenly sound like we cannot apply The Magic 3 to everything in our lives, because we really do not know HOW to do everything. This is an understandable misunderstanding. HOWever, HOW on its very essence is the same thing across any type of goal. HOW is just breaking down to a digestible piece. You have heard probably more than a thousand times HOW to eat an elephant, and there is enormous truth in the fact that it can only be done one piece at a time. Think about any time you were taught a sport, HOW instructions are granular and broken down to understandable pieces of information, how you build a Lego magnificence one piece at a time or in more professional terms any project management software ever. Asana and Trello are amongst the most used productivity software in the world today and just taking a look at the tasks or cards, is simply little Lego pieces of your goal. Nobody can do a Goal focusing on the goal, is such a big animal, so difficult and intimidating. But focusing on the next step, anything is possible!

Buy Me! Lemur by Katerina Kirilova at Society6

Buy Me! Lemur
by Katerina Kirilova at Society6

Think of your goals like a marathon, 26.2 miles.
Procrastination tells you you are too weak and tired to run 26.2 miles. 
HOW asks you Can You Take One More Step? 
Both see the same obstacle, but the perspective makes the entire difference. HOW is the finishing piece in The Magic 3, which together, is the exact opposite of Procrastination. Procrastination is delaying your goals, and fulfillment itself to someday while The Magic 3 is hurrying your goals to today. Because, even though you cannot complete the goal today, you can take take the first step.
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Buy Me! lettring quote journey
by Nereia at Society6

Having a WHY and WHEN with no HOW will result in taking much longer to achieve your goals, if ever at all. When the goal is not broken down to manageable steps, it will take far more Energy and Urgency to achieve them, both of which are limited resources. This will inevitably result in frustration, you are placing the effort and have the energy, but are you strong enough to eat an elephant every single day? You will spend most of the time not in action, but just on figuring out what to do next, which is ironically what drains the most of our energy.
Written by The Magic Sloth