If you are among the crazy animals in the jungle bold enough to assume leadership, I have good news for you. Like everything The Magic Sloth explains, it is very simple to understand. We actually divided it into 6 bullet points, and since we have in common the fact that we are sooooo lazy, we just included the bare minimum that you need to become a Top Leader in the Jungle! Each bullet point is accompanied by the most fantastic book in the subject, (just click on it), in case you still don’t understand the Sloth life and are an overachiever. (Don’t worry you are still welcome here).


1. Take Control Of Your Thoughts

Without a doubt the first step into becoming a leader is being in control of your attitude and thoughts. It is not a pessimist the one who assumes the worst could happen every day, when he is certain that regardless, he is in full control of his attitude and happiness. The Devil in Milton’s epic summarized it best: “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” I don’t know how well that worked for him… at least he had the right idea.

If I did not just blow your mind let Frankl take a shot with one of the best books ever written, in which you will learn how to find happiness a Nazi Concentration Camp. (Literally)

Best Book: Man’s Search For Meaning

Buy Me! Just Click ON The Image! Leader / Dark Place Funny Quote by EnvyArt

Buy Me! Just Click ON The Image! Leader / Dark Place Funny Quote
by EnvyArt

2. Have A Clear Purpose

Always wondered why Apple and Starbucks are obscenely overpriced and you still buy it? (Besides the fact that it is hard not to succumb to an Iced Caramel Macchiato). I won’t still the spotlight from Simon Sinek, but you as the newest leader in The Animal Kingdom, (the lion will be so jealous), need a purpose. The purpose does not need to be insanely complex it just needs to exist, (written please, neon signs also work). Besides obviously guiding in the right direction, it is the best filter in existence! If there is a task unrelated to your purpose you can throw it in the same card board box as the Golden State Warriors 2016 Champions jersey. Zig Ziglar summarized it best when he said: “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

Best Book: Start With Why

3. Be Effective

Now that you can dictate your attitude towards life and have a life changing purpose you are ready to become effective. Use your purpose to filter out absolutely everything that you do not need to complete your goal. Everything. The Magic Sloth and Vilfredo Pareto are the best of friends. 80% of results come from 20% of the effort. Find out what is the 20% of your purpose and focus 99% of your effort in it. You will change the world.


Best Book: The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People


4. Be Emotionally Intelligent

Oh my, you really thought you could be a leader without dealing with people? Yeah, I am sure you love dealing with other people’s emotions, problems and craziness. For everybody else who is not as weird, this could present a challenge. This is my only bullet point in which I think it is unthinkable to not read the recommended book. College was a blast, specially for Sloths, but it fails tremendously in so many ways. Sure, teach me about algebra and the square root of infinite, but don’t spending any time on Personal Finance, Emotional Intelligence or STDs. Since your $100,000 education did not pay for it, you will need to compensate with this timeless classic.

Best Book: How To Win Friends And Influence People


5. Get Things Done!

The Magic Sloth figured out really quickly that most animals knew what they had to do and how to do it, but will for some reason or another fail to do it! (Lazy Animals). Forget specialization, learn execution. As a leader learn how to make what you already know a reality. Since you have a following with all of your new friends you earned at step 4, learn project management and focus, Multi Tasking Is A Sin!


Best Book: The Four Disciplines Of Execution

6. Inspire

If you don’t enjoy the journey don’t take it! The second best part of being a leader is having fun, the best part is seeing everybody who is buying into your vision have even more fun! You achieve this with Inspiration and again, Purpose. Define rituals and other craziness that make the every day enjoyable. Nothing is too out there, check out this Insane Marketing Campaign.

Best Book: The Energy Bus

Written by The Magic Sloth