If you had a kingdom and you could decide whom live in it, what would be your criteria to select the members? If you had to start from scratch, you will need to pay close attention to every single detail in order to have the best kingdom of all the kingdoms. But how would you know what is the right criteria if you have never created a kingdom before? Well, this is the part when in order to find inspiration and some guidance, you look at other kingdoms to see what they have, what they are lacking, what you find appealing, and things you would absolutely don’t want to have in yours. When you start moving forward in your investigation, you find yourself astonish with all sorts of kingdoms and the immerse diversity in all of them, what amaze you the most is that, even when the members of the kingdoms are what define each of them, they are there for a particular reason: their king. Since everyone has free will, they have the power to decide if they want to stay in your kingdom or no, but in order for them to take this decision you have to invite them on the first place. Looking at the situation in a realist perspective, you just want to invite into your kingdom people whom you can effectively communicate with, who share your vision, people whom you can trust and have the guarantee that will have your back if needed. Even when you did your research and you looked at other kingdoms, you automatically came to the conclusion that every kingdom is constitute based on the kings needs and wants.

When thinking about kings and kingdoms, the first one that automatically comes to everyone’s mind is the Lion, whom of course, is the traditional King of the Jungle. Characterizing the average king stereotype, the lion is aggressive, he doesn’t let anyone get above him and this can be for two reasons; first because he is insecure and partially aware that someone way much better and with a better attitude than him can come and take his place, and second because being the King is the only things he actually knows how to do. In order for the lion to triumph in his kingdom, he has to partner with the right animals; his first pick are of course the lioness. Even when they are the same species, the lion knows he is above her. Same situation applies with cheetahs, tigers, and all those big kitties. He also partners with hyenas; he doesn’t fear them, but he is smart enough to know that if they allied together they can bring him down. And even when is very sad to admit it, we already know what happens to the rest of the animals…

Buy Me by Clicking On The Image! LION KING by DesignGeo at Society6

Buy Me by Clicking On The Image! LION KING
by DesignGeo at Society6

In our world, same situation applies; people are in a constant battle to become feared by others, assuming this will instantly make others respect them. They want to have absolute power in order to dominate whoever may represent a threat. But also like in the animal kingdom, people have the power to decide to either stay and learn how to protect themselves from dangerous people (or animals, sometimes), or simply go somewhere else where the only concern will be being happy. It is always way much easier to adapt to the circumstances than to find your own path where you will probably be left alone. Anyways, why in the first place would you be happy under a lion’s control? Under the orders of a negative leader, who doesn’t have anything positive to provide you with? But must importantly, surrounded by people who somehow respect and share the beliefs of an individual like that one. The jungle is huge, like tremendously gigantic, and the best part is that there are jungles everywhere around the world; places where you can go and build your own kingdom, fill it out with amazing people who will nourish you, make you grow and improve everyday, people who share your beliefs and respect you for such. A life filled with the right people may be the difference between having a concrete jungle or a personalized paradise.

Written by Adriana La Rocca