Money is a very interesting topic, is a mix of happiness, sadness, ambiguousness and mostly, motivation. We decided that you all needed reasons and solid explanations of why these pieces of paper trigger such feelings on us. “Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”. You will think that money has absolutely nothing to do with The Little Prince, but the way he looks at a material object is one of the most beautiful and sophisticated explanations that have ever been exposed. (If you’re not familiar with this masterpiece, you just have to stop right here and do some research about it: The Little Prince). We are not going to sit here and tell you how bad money is and how dangerous it can turn out to be, we are here to make you look at money in an entirely different way, the same way as the little prince look at his rose. It’s not precisely rocket science that money is just a piece of paper, like actually, nothing else than that (and ink and some secret codes). Sadly, everyone who has been there knows that having no money (or no rose), creates and stage of stress and desolation that is not pleasant at all; who would say that “paper” can make you feel that way?

In the case of the Little Prince, if you look at the situation carefully, what makes him delighted about his rose is everything but the rose itself. Yes, sounds absurd and nonsense but that’s exactly what money is right? You don’t appreciate money, what matters is what you can do with it. So guess what – and be ready because this is going to change your life – until you don’t find something that motivates you to make more money, you will never have enough, you will never save enough, you will also never find the perfect time to spend it. So what is the magic key? You need a WHY where the only HOW is money. If that thing, object, experience or whatever you want to call it, is going to make you the happiest person on the planet earth at that moment, I will tell you, my dear friend, that money will buy you happiness, but most important of all, you will give money a meaning.

What if you don’t have a powerful WHY and you just need money to survive? Well, we got your back too. The key in this particular situation will be being enthusiastic and having the best attitude possible in whatever you are doing. Is absolutely reasonable and understandable that sometimes you will find yourself stuck in a situation, and you no one better than you knows that is very hard to take action at that moment. Life happens you know, sometimes you run out of money, luck, ideas, and even creativity (we get it, it happens to us all the time, in fact, we have been there so many times that we wouldn’t even realize if we weren’t). All of these scenarios are not an excuse for you to adapt to your environment and exchange happiness for money. Of course you will need money to solve some of these problems, but don’t you ever sacrifice your inner peace just because is “comfortable” and it will give you the money you need. There is always another job, another city, and most importantly, another emotional state inside you.
So.. We are going to end it short and sweet by telling you that the best you can do is having a mindset where you have the best attitude while you’re planning your ideal life. Anything can give you money, literally ANYTHING you do, but by changing your attitude and perspective, you will see better results (and probably more money too). One of the most terrifying monsters ever is the one that is built out of all the dreams you never accomplished. That creature chases you every day and gets bigger and bigger based on your failures, but you can always fight it back by planning your dreams today. Don’t you ever use money as an excuse to don’t do things that you have always wanted to do (or buy)? We get it, if your dream is to have a mansion in Ibiza with four cars and two boats, you absolutely can’t have that today (because you are probably broke). But we guarantee you that if you break down your dream into smaller pieces, and find a job that you are amazingly talented at (and makes you happy, bottom line), you may be able to even have two mansions and dogs – the more the merrier.

Written by Adriana La Rocca