Weekends are like chocolate; everyone loves them and looks forward to have just a little tiny piece of enjoyment. But have you ever actually wonder why weekends generate such a satisfactory feeling? Is it because you have the option to do what you actually want? Or because you can actually do absolutely nothing? Have you thought that it may just be that we feel that we haven’t spent enough time with the people who really matter to us? No matter from what planet you are from, weekends are deeply loved by everyone. Going back to the idea of filling out your jungle with the right people, you would think that the idea of just having the people you like around is not really viable and realistic when talking about a work environment. Contrary to your beliefs, it is possible and in this post we are going to teach how to do it; we are going to make you feel that going to the office on Monday is just an extension of the weekend.

  • We believe that there is no need to emphasize in this subject any more, but just in case, we are going to remind you again to always Start with the Why. And believe us, there are SO MANY why’s implicated when it comes to the work place.


Buy Me by Clicking On The Image! Monday by Liz Climo at Society6

Buy Me by Clicking On The Image! Monday by Liz Climo at Society6

We are going to help you and list some of the ones we consider are the most important:

Why do you have to work with a certain person if the former does not make you feel comfortable? Are there any alternatives like a co-worker doing it for you? Never settle with something that makes you feel emotionally vulnerable. When you feel strong and powerful on the inside, you automatically reflect it on the outside, which as a consequence makes people think twice before messing around with you.

-We really believe that you are capable of doing anything you put effort towards to, but if you find yourself stuck in a project or situation, Why do you keep loosing you time if you don’t see any progress? Focus your energy and enthusiasm on things that make you feel formidable, things that make you experience professional and emotional growth, and of course, that will also be a benefit for others. You never know who is watching you, we can certainly promise you that, so be that person in the office that you will stare like a weirdo because they just seem so incredible nice and happy all the time. When people around you perceive the good energy you have towards your work, and how happy you look every day developing such tasks, they will want to become your allies instead of your enemies:

You – less enemies + more beautiful souls = you with more energy to work on good stuff

Why the need of getting a promotion and stepping over others seem to become the goal of a vast majority of employees? Why the feeling of knowing that you did things flawlessly cannot be enough? It is it really too hard for people to understand that if you do things right you are going to shine anyways? Always remember that the best way of being magnificent is by making others shine with you. By making others feel good, they will automatically pay you back with a bunch of positive feelings, and that’s more valuable than anything else.

  • Negativity is a very powerful energy, and that its strength is commonly underestimated. Just like the plague, keep yourself away from it.
    Buy Me! Just Click On The Image! No Evil Sloth by Huebucket

    Buy Me! Just Click On The Image! No Evil Sloth by Huebucket at Society6

    You certainly cant the fact that some people are literally a black cloud waiting to pour their rain all over you, but what can for sure do is don’t let that bad energy and feeling influence your life and the way you feel. Think about it as a shell, you can hide inside yourself and the way YOU feel when you feel attack by others aura.

  • We are aware that not all days will feel like a weekend, we also have some of those days when we want to do less than what we actually do (and keep in mind that we are sloths). For such days, we want to give you an exercise that will relieve stress and frustration, and if it doesn’t, it will for sure make you laugh at how silly you look. We are going to ask you sit like a Buddha (look at image 1). Then we want you to move your legs up and down. We call this “the butterfly who desperately wants to run away from that place (and all the responsibilities around it) but is smart enough to know that that it’s not the smartest choice”.

            Always remember that in some cases, your job is just a temporary state your going through in order to get to your final destination. So lets be real, just enjoy the moment and be smart enough to get the best out of it (and never let it get the worse out of you!).

Written by Adriana La Rocca