I just want to start by saying that I am probably the last person who will be writing about this; no way, nope, not me, I was definitely not one of those. True is that when reality hits you, she has cero mercy. In my particular case, she beat me just at the right time (still painful though), but I was ready for the so-necessary-but-painful knock-out sesh. The problem with monotony is that somehow, you believe you have the obligation to follow it; you can’t break the path, or bad things will happen. We, humans, are creatures of habit; we have the inclination to stick to situations to find emotional and psychological stability. Before we dive into this whole “habits” subject, let’s clarify that there is a huge difference between acquiring a habit, and been use to something. You get use to doing the same thing over and over again; you memorize the discrepancies, you know how to overcome problems because they are recurrent, you become and robot, and you actually like it (so scary that it gives me chills). Is like going to work, you don’t have the habit of going to work, you go because you have to. A GOOD habit on the other hand (and let’s emphasize on the word good), is something that you consciously acquired because you are fully aware is going to have good consequences in your life. That doesn’t mean it will be nice or not painful, but you hold to the reason why you started, and that will keep you going. I am saying this with confidence because I am going through the process myself, and that’s precisely what this whole post is about. My knock-out sesh consisted of a very close friend who almost punched me in the face (deep inside I know that was his dark desire) and made my open my eyes about my current situation. He recommended a book that he said will “actually change my life forever.” I don’t know if it happened because I was desperate, or because I actually trust him, that I decided to go ahead and read it (listen to it actually, but that’s a completely different subject).

The Miracle Morning is, as the name suggests, a book that sells you the morning as the most magnificent time of the day. Going back to the subject of habits, the book encourages you to create the habit of waking up at 4 am to apply the word SAVERS, and change your day (and the rest of your life) forever. Silence, Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercise, Reading, Scribing, are basically the magic words, the key to success, all you have been waiting for, but short and sweet. When I first started (and I am still in the initiation process) I was very skeptical and hesitant about this whole thing of waiting up when is still dark outside. I am not going to tell you that it was easy breezy, but what I will tell you is that the only day when I actually struggle to wake up, was the first one.

I was determined to do this, so in order to test if this whole thing actually works, I did everything exactly as he suggests. I woke up with determination, meditated for a few minutes, visualized (not only that day, but how I want the rest of my days to look like). Later on, I quickly put on my sneakers (I sleep with my workout outfit on to save time and eliminate excuses) and run, run, and run, until I couldn’t take one more step. As soon as I got home, I was full of energy and ready to keep going with my day. I showered, ate, and started reading the news, interesting articles, and any material that will inspire me for my next and most important task of the day. As soon as I finished my reading sesh, I was ready to work on my personal project. At that point, I was energized, happy, and full of knowledge and energy, I was the best person I could be to accomplish the things that matter to me the most. No distractions, just me and my goals, and no one could possibly stop me.
I can’t even explain to you the satisfaction I felt. In that morning, I was able to accomplish more than I will regularly do in 3 days. I saved time, felt amazing, and most importantly, had this crazy feeling that nothing could go wrong after such an amazing morning. This whole thing will not only help you to save time and increase your productivity, but it will unconsciously make you invest this extra time that you didn’t use to have, in the things that matter the most to you. So here I am, waking up at 4 am everyday, still questioning my sanity for doing such thing, but so freaking happy with the results. Lastly, I want to finish by telling you that you are never going to be the best you can be until you start focusing on two things: you, and your future you. Understanding that today, you’re shaping the person you will be tomorrow, will give you the necessary motivation and encouragement to don’t hit the snooze button at 4 am, and put on the sneakers to run after the best version of yourself.

Written by Adriana La Rocca