Life is about relationships. Is not only about meeting amazing people and knowing someone that can get you a lucrative job, because they know someone who knows someone.  Eric Barker, quite ironically the author of Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong explains in his masterpiece the science (and happiness) behind networking with stories:

Paul Erdos

The awkward mathematician want to be would spend a passionate life trying to solve complex Math problems. When he was young and still making a name for himself he will find colleagues locally and later across the world. To which he would show at their house at the most random of times with a bunch of papers and a simple statement:

“My Brain is open”

Erdos, not naturally gifted with social skills will ban pots and pans at 2 AM to make sure his colleague would wake up and come down to assist with a breakthrough. Which raises the question: Not like Erdos would go to begin with, but who would be happy to stumble with him at a networking event?

Every Mathematician ever!

Erdos was so influential to Mathematicians around the world that it was not only considered an honor to have Erdos show up at your door with an open brain, but it also gave birth to the Erdos Number. You could predict accurately how influential a mathematician was depending on his Erdos number. A direct collaborator of Erdos would have a number of 1. Someone who collaborated with a direct collaborator would have a number of 2 and.. you get the idea. Skeptical? A lot of Erdos #1 ended up winning the Nobel prize of Mathemathics.

Happiness and Drug Dealers

Research suggests that it is not the amount of close friends you have that predict landing an amazing job, but rather the quantity of people you know. Barker doesn’t only provides data for quantity of friends as a predictor of landing big bucks, but also for Drug Dealers staying out of prison. Drug Dealers with more friends spend less time in prison. What a time to be alive! However, if you are not looking for big bucks or don’t need a jail free card unless you are playing Monopoly, you still want and deserve to be happy. The quantity and quality of your relationships is probably the closest indicator to your own happiness. Meeting new people and making an impact to an ever expanding Personal Network is meaningful work. And the great thing is that they come in all shapes and sizes, you could join an Networking Organizations with themes ranging from Origami to Dancing. Networking is boring if you look at it as a dry business card exchange, but it is not. Is just the science of making new awesome friends. The difference between the former and the latter, is that the first looks to take and the last to give. Giving is better than receiving  for the giver.

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Written by The Magic Sloth