Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable by Tim Grover

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Favorite Quote

“Being the best means engineering your life so you never stop until you get what you want, and then you keep going until you get what’s next. And then you go for even more.”

Main Idea

Being Relentless does not stop at Good or even Great, Relentlessness is becoming an Unstoppable force.


I had never heard the name Tim Grover when I started enjoying Relentless, but this guys is the definition of epic.  Tim recounts in his own narrative how he had the dream of training professional athletes for a living. Dream that would usually get the typical response: Oh! That is so nice, so you want to work at a Gym. Tim would not only reply, but with passion shoot down those “suggestions” or “good wishes” out of the sky:


Not like this is an easy thing to say, specially when you are relentlessly calling teams like the Chicago Bulls and you get sent back to the out of college experience cycle:

“Hey Bulls, my name is Tim and I want to train your players”

“Tim, have you ever trained a professional basketball player before?”


“Then we are not interested.”

Tim never gave up, and eventually got an opportunity with THE Michael Jordan. And from there, this just gets even crazier.

Relentless is not a book of the inspirational sports stories that seduce us to pursue an athletic career. This could very well be the exact opposite, a book on the pain, sweat, blood and even vomit that needs to be paid to get to the top. Tim is an instigator of pain, not a sadist or a masochist, but like his clients, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade unstoppable forces who understand that success does not ever stop. You heard right, relentless athletes do not aim for only being the best, but the best ever. Watch from the 0:50 until 1:43 so that you understand what was Muhammad Ali’s goal. Not to be number one, but to

Be The Best Of The Entire World and Better Than All of Those Before Him


This is the GOAT mentality that Roger Federer proved to the world when he beat Nadal on the last Aussie Open, the same mentality Tom Brady had, to come back from the biggest deficit ever in a Postseason game and Win his 5th Super Bowl, the same the Cubs had to hang in the World Series 3-1 down to win for the first time in 108 years.  GOAT stands for Greatest Of All Time and only a select few have it.

Tim breaks every one of us into 3 categories:

Cooler The good performers. You can expect Coolers to always do an above average job. If the conditions are right they will finish their goal or project.

Closer A closer is a great performer. You give him a goal or a project and he will follow up until its completion. Only very drastic factors outside of his control can deter him from finishing a project or goal.

Cleaner A cleaner is unstoppable. Nothing can stand on their way, it does not matter if the weather is bad, coworkers or teammates are under performing, there is an economic recession or industry. A cleaner does not know what an excuse is, and they would go to any lengths to start and finish a goal, and immediately after its completion, they move to the next thing. A Cleaner never, ever stops.

Kobe is a cleaner when he is calling his trainer to practice at 3:30 AM, Federer is a cleaner coming back from injury and a break down in the last set against his rival Nadal, to win a Grand Slam being 35, Dwayne is a cleaner playing at the top of his game with a knee injury during the NBA Finals, Tom Brady is a cleaner believing Super Bowl LI belongs to the Patriots. A cleaner does not meet a Sales Quota or completes company goals, no a cleaner goes above and beyond every single time. I discussed this book with an avid basketball player and I told him,

“I want to be Michael Jordan in my office” to which he replied

“That is fine as long as you can be the best, not one day or two, but every single day.”

Cleaners do not rest, but the relentless pursuit of GOAT gives them the energy to think of burnouts as almost child’s play.

How It Made Me Better

I will never again meet or exceed expectations. Relentlessly in any area of my life, I will over commit and over deliver blowing out any expectations out of the water. I will work as hard as Michael, Dwayne or Roger Federer in my particular role as a Sloth and Operations Manager, because I want to be GOAT.

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