Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg

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Favorite Quote

“The choices that are most powerful in generating motivation, in other words, are decisions that do two things: They convince us we’re in control and they endow our actions with larger meaning.”
― Charles Duhigg, Smarter Faster Better

Main Idea

Adopting any of these 8 particular mindsets will drastically increase your productivity, in whatever sphere you so choose.


Charles Duhigg with compelling his signature compelling story telling has done it again. This book as well as his previous is packed with true extraordinary stories from the most diverse of subjects. The making of Frozen, exceptional piloting in the face of death, a brother and sister facing off Phil Hellmuth on the final of a Poker Tournament, Google finding the key to productive teams, how an outrageous goal restarted the Japanese economy. This books is exceptional.

However, thinking of Smarter, Faster Better as a collection of stories is undervaluing the true value of Duhigg’s work. Each of these illustrates with clarity an important lesson on productivity and excellence. The most helpful aspect of these 8 Lessons is that there are independent of each other and are very simple mindsets. Which means it does not take extensive practice to implement, and it can be done so as an a la carte menu, one or many at the time as desired. The cornerstone of these is the lesson on Motivation, which relates key aspects and inspiring stories of Marine training. It can be summarized by the above quote which is the WHY in The Magic 3.

How It Made Me Better

Across my diverse readings, it is always exciting when you find overlapping concepts throughout books on different subjects. This has been the case with goal setting, which has been described by many as the single most life changing activity anybody can acquire. According to Smarter Faster Better, there are Smart Goals and Stretch Goals, which are both necessary for real fulfillment. A Stretch Goal, is a goal outside of our comfort zone, which we do not immediately know how it can be achieved on our current situation. A Smart Goal, is a reachable, achievable goal inside our comfort zone. We should create only Stretch Goals, because these are the ones that make us better and truly motivate us, but only if inside our HOW is broken down into Smart Goals. Focusing on the next Smart Goal, we can achieve any Stretch Goal. Duhigg’s work has forever changed the way I set my goals, which in turn has made my life much more exciting.


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