There is something about the concept of eternity that drives us humans absolutely insane. Is not precisely the idea of an infinite existence, is this crazy feeling of wanting to eternally hold to particular experiences that evoke great sensations inside us. Going back to where everything started, the idea of wanting to make a pleasant moment perpetual is a very obvious and expected behavior; who wants to experience the sadness of eating the last scoop of an ice cream right? No one wants to finish a bowl because is so good. We know that at some point we are going to have enough, that incredibly pleasant moment or experience is not going to be crazy appealing forever. Precisely because is not going to last forever, we develop a momentaneous sense of eternity, we really really like what we are experiencing, and we want more of it. We want all the ice cream we can possibly have until a stomach ache tells us the opposite (But we do need that stomach ache to happen to understand that there is nothing else stopping us from getting what we want but ourselves). This is pure human nature, we don’t appreciate being told what to do, we don’t want to be treated like kids; we will learn our way (and most of the times this turns out to be very painful).

Positive feelings and sensations can be trigger by an infinite amount of factors, and of course, such triggers would vary depending on the person, but the concept of happiness is universal and constantly search for everyone. We hold to those moments, sensations, feelings, or experiences that give us a spark of happiness because they don’t happen very often, and mostly because we don’t know when they would happen again. But what happens when we base our entire existence in just enjoying life when these moments happen? What if we used the lack of amazing experiences as an excuse to live a miserable and unsatisfactory life? We, humans, have mastered the ability to justify our shitty today for a fantastic tomorrow. We constantly look for eternity in every aspect of our lives, and that it is partially okay.
It took me a long time to realize that you can do everything right and hold on to those magical moments and still end up unhappy. You can do all you have ever wanted, say the right words, and do all the right things, but if you don’t follow that spark inside you, happiness will never knock on your door. I took me even longer to understand that every human has his personal version of what happiness looks like, and the only magic method is to identify what yours is and find all the necessary elements to achieve it.
Little do we know about happiness until we experience it, little do we know about that spark until it lights up. So we want to encourage you to don’t be a forever person, we want to tell you that it is okay to be part of the population of temporary people. We want to tell you that it’s okay if you don’t wake up every day with the urgency of finding perfect moments to hold up forever. Happiness will automatically come as a consequence of fully living your present, so don’t even worry about chasing her. Temporary people have many perks, the enjoy the present, even when they are aware and ready to face tomorrow. Temporary people find the beauty in short term planning, in spontaneous trips, in knowing that if everything is okay today, it would probably be okay tomorrow. Temporary people enjoy today because they are not afraid of failure, they have the certainty that it will just last for a moment. Most importantly, temporary people can let go at any time knowing that they never promised a forever. Give it a try, roll with it, stop thinking that not building your future today will ruin your life; sometimes, and just sometimes, by being a temporary person you will open the door for the most spark-full tomorrow.

Written by Adriana La Rocca