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Buy Me! Just Click On The Image! Baseball Sloth by Luigi Tarini at Society6

Buy Me! Just Click On The Image! Baseball Sloth
by Luigi Tarini at Society6


Yes, even play for the Yankees. Welcome to The Magic Method.

High school is such an amazing place, the braces, sinuses, popular kids, crazy people, the hot teacher, the burps, pranks, farts, knowledge, inspiration, depression, teen girl problems (a lot), and all the teachers that don´t teach. Through all the mayhem and the destruction, comes a time for each independent class to ask THE QUESTION. It does not matter how bright (or incompetent), the class might be, or its geographical location in a world map, or what is the girl to boy percentage, each class has to ask THE QUESTION. It sounds something like “WTF am I going go use that for in my life?!”. However you know, that high school kids (at least some), have a leash when they speak so it would sound more like Brian from Family Guy having a very cultured conversation with Van Gogh, Kurt Cobain and Hemingway.




This would be a more accurate adaptation: “Excuse me distinguished professor, I have no right to doubt your fantastic teaching methods, but in this case I have limited understanding on the application of your eternal quest for finding x”. You are aware of what comes next, an answer with exuberant confidence about the applications of X for your life, in which you still fail to distinguish how finding x is more important than finding waldo. Specially if waldo looked like this:


Understanding the cause for this, is one of the most important truths you could ever learn in your life:

The majority is formed by spectators

There is a big emphasis on teaching what to do, but when was the last time anybody took the time to show us how? Don´t you teach how by teaching what? Absolutely not. Every goal that takes over a day needs to be planned the correct way, if this essential preparation does not happened, chances of success are instantly diminished. The teaching of what without the how fuel, is the main force behind creating spectators. Throughout the world, there are some political activists, but there are innumerable political inactivists. The unpaid commentators of every sport game, the political “masterminds” that are never involved with any movement, the relationship experts who are single. So what is the slothiest way to move from a spectator to a participant? Learning How.

With a decent education you already have enough information to change the world. Yes, not kidding, the only question is, how much of that information are your truly placing into practice in a systematized goal oriented way? The Magic Sloth has read a lot, and throughout all books that teach how, (The Four Disciplines Of Execution  being the best), there are four overlapping concepts found in all, organized here in order of importance:


What is the purpose of this?

Tony Robbins mentioned that “activity without purpose is the drain of life”. He is not wrong, we feel unmotivated, tired and depressed when we have to take care of certain things in our Calendar or To Do list, that feel like they must be done, but there is no purpose to it. If we desire with everything we got to live a passionate and fulfilling life, it is absolutely necessary to find the purpose on what we do.

Now, something interesting starts to happen, we start crossing things from our checklist that are not really necessary to achieving WHY. The purpose of every task small or big needs to start with why. Think of a life with no purpose, it is an unbearable tragedy. How different is such a life from a calendar of meaningless tasks? Find the WHY on everything you do before you do it.


In What Timeline?

Without a timeline, your super important WHY will never happen. If time was infinite you might sort of have a chance, but since it is not, most of the things that you want to accomplish in life will never come to life. Sad, isn’t it? So where is the Magic? When you have a clear WHY and you decide to achieve that determined outcome by a certain WHEN (or deadline), it becomes real. WHEN is complemented by accountability, share your dates with people you love and especially those you don’t and challenge yourself to achieving your WHY by WHEN.


Do things right

Now is time to be as efficient as possible. Now that you have a clear WHY and you know WHEN it will be done and WHAT is your important 20% you need to determine HOW. This is usually where Time Management talks, books and advice begins, however this is the least important step of all. The higher level applied of The Magic Method, the more time you will save. That means that is being better being completely inefficient with a clear purpose. Than being very efficient with no purpose. What would happen in the latter is that you would get nowhere extremely fast. But once you have the other 3 down, HOW becomes absolutely amazing. Look over your WHAT list and make a list of decisions: who should be involved, what is the best time I have during the day, what software is appropiate for each task, where could I go that I can concentrate, what can I delegate, what can I automate, etc.

The Magic Method should be applied to everything that would go on your Calendar or To Do List, that will take more than 30 minutes to do. When you do a big project The Magic Method becomes even more magical, since it will take obviously more than 30 minutes, it will also have sub tasks that will take this amount of time or more. The sub tasks should also have a breakdown of the Magic Method and every sub task within them that take more than 30 minutes. You will stumble upon one of the most organized projects you have ever seen and even better, you will start eliminating tasks, when the sub task WHY does not align with the big WHY, you know that you are just losing your time.

Now, we love listening, what would you like to see The Magic Method applied in?