How satisfied are you with the fact of being an adult? Does it feels how you imagine it? Is it worth it? All those occasions when not been old enough was an obstacle, are significant now? If while you are reading this you don’t strongly desire to be a kid again, we don’t believe you at all. We all want to go back to those days when everything was momentary, those days when nothing really affected us; only what we actually gave importance to. Those days were magical, we gave a hundred percent to anything that we were doing, thinking, or saying; is kind of a nostalgic sensation to realize that at some point, we used to be better than what we currently are. We were engage in whatever we were doing, nothing else mattered because we had one purpose (and we were not willing to distract ourselves from it). Maybe we had the privilege of feeling this way because we had someone behind our back taking care of the important but so boring subjects, but that was not the reason, we were not thinking about that. We mainly focused on doing the best we could to achieve something.
Rather you wish you were a kid again or no, that doesn’t really matter. First because is literally impossible, and second, because we actually want from you is to go back and look at yourself and imitate that fearless/amazing/brave/ and courageous behavior you used to have and implement it in your life as an old person. Since we are really nice people and you probably too old and tired to figure out how to do this yourself, we are going to give you 3 simple steps to go back to the Good Old Days.

1- Compete With Your Same Species: kids are freaking smart, they will just play with fellow kids that they know (after observing for a while) that they can easily beat. You don’t see kinder gardeners in the playground fighting high schoolers; they know better. Adults, on the other hand, go through life thinking that in order to grow and be a badass human being, they have to fight the high schoolers. Do not do this; we repeat DO NOT do it. You will live a mediocre and pathetic life because you will feel that you are not good or capable enough. We are not under any circumstances telling you to be a flyer instead of a fighter, just choose your opponents wisely; compete with those who are where you want to be.
2- Find People To Look Up To: even when kids are too worry trying to play it look, they do look up to adults all the time (of course they will never admit it), but they are fully aware that they don’t know it all. They know that they will have to imitate certain characteristics that they find cool in other people to get to that “adult” stage. So find a leader, mentor, hero, that you can easily identify yourself to, and adopt the characteristics that you find more appealing; mentorship is vital to grown and development. Someone once said “if you are not growing you’re dying,” and since you are old you will not grow anymore, focus on growing internally (is even more entertaining).
3- Celebrate And Embrace Change: have you ever wonder why kids are always so volatile? Why do they seem to have like a 1000 personalities and they can basically put them on like a piece of clothing depending on the occasion? Even when no one taught them, they know that different stages of their lives demand a different self (I’m telling you, they are f-cking smart), is like an instinct they have, and that’s precisely why they never get bored. Imagine you are in a video game, and you managed to make it to the next level (after a lot of effort and using almost all of your extra lives). Would it still be fun and engaging if the same techniques you used before can make you move to the next level? I don’t think so. New systems shatter old ones and create lifetime experiences; even when a comfort zone will always be attractive, is not going to take you further than your couch. So don’t be afraid of growing, don’t be afraid of reinventing yourself; this is when the magic really happens.

Written by Adriana La Rocca