The second step in The Magic 3 is having a WHEN. Procrastination is simply lack of Urgency, therefore to start doing things now you just need some insane level of Urgency. Meeting urgent people is truly one of the most powerful experiences, they are relentless, indomitable, everything stands on their way, but they zig zag, destroy or climb over obstacles. Hannibal The Scourge Of Rome was a WHEN person:
We will either find a way or make one 
So many succeed just with this “I Can Do This Now” mentality. Failures are just part of progress and is expected, but these WHEN individuals, these Honey Badgers DO NOT CARE! Today they get back up, they follow their dreams, they love unconditionally, they change their lives. Procrastination turns everything into an excuse while WHEN turns it into a reason.

Buy Me! Honey Badger Don't Care by Soryane at Society6

Buy Me! Honey Badger Don’t Care
by Soryane at Society6

Procrastination says I cannot start a business I am broke
WHEN says I will start a business since I am broke
If you don have urgency, you are probably a dreamer or a How to person. You desire to change the world, have the best of intentions, will be a millionaire one day because you are a genius. All these things will happen. They will happen tomorrow, and tomorrow is not in your lifetime. That is the biggest tragedy of not having Urgency, most do not realize that Procrastination will outlive us and by then is too late. Do your Goals with a WHY so that you can have the needed energy and then do them with Urgency so that they can become real.
Written by The Magic Sloth