The first step on the Magic 3 is understanding WHY you want to do something. Kids make so much better time managers than adults. In our childhood we would ask the WHY question repeatedly, especially when we did not want to do something, (the true spirit of the sloth), but we are slowly domesticated into letting go of this question. The WHY of things is what truly motivates us to get out of bed, it gives us more energy than food, it makes us go farther than we ever thought possible, but it also eliminates. When we start a project there are so many items that we believe that must be done, but in reality there are so many that are not necessary. WHY is the destination of the entire goal, if we have a clear vision of where that is exactly, shortcuts will magically appear. You need a big WHY for an energetic life, and you need smaller WHYs in alignment with your ultimate WHY for each goal you set up in any context so that you can be properly motivated and have the essential passion! After you determine what your goal is, write down WHY you are doing it, it also helps to get a visual representation.

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Buy Me! Vote Sloth
by Gammaray at Society6

The contrary is true, not having a WHY when accomplishing a determined goal will make it unbearable to get out of bed, unthinkable to be energetic and that cliche about enjoying the journey will sound more like a myth. Goals with no purpose are dead, even with proper procedures and appropriate deadlines (WHEN and HOW), these goals will never move forward. We are talking about a Ferrari with no gas. The same applies to your life. Individuals that do not have a WHY are usually more prone to depression, since they can accomplish a lot of things, but with no bigger purpose behind. Making something as beautiful as life feel shallow.  Doing the right things is far more important than doing things right, don’t waste any of your time in life, be clear on the WHY of all your goals at all times.
Written by The Magic Sloth